Amsterdam by bike


Amsterdam by bike

Amsterdam by bike

Discover Amsterdam the Dutch way: by bicycle. Grab one of the rental bikes from the Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam-Amstel and get out and about. Relax in the hotel rooms and book an overnight stay in Amsterdam at Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam-Amstel. Read our top 5 locations in the area, enjoy the holiday in your own country and discover Amsterdam.

#1 Gaaspermolen (Community Mill) 

What could be more Dutch than a windmill? A holiday in your own country is not complete until you have seen a windmill. Visit one of the oldest functioning polder mills in Amsterdam and was founded in 1707. This community mill, also called Gaaspermolen, keeps the water in the polder at the right level. 

#2 Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

For many people, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is their favourite base when the city centre of Amsterdam is full of people. This place was founded in the 12th century and is situated on the Amstel River. Enjoy the peace and quiet and see the special churches. You almost forget you're just outside Amsterdam.

#3 Muiderslot

It's a piece of cycling, but then you end up at a real medieval castle. Near Amsterdam is the 700 year old Muiderslot. The beautiful castle is surrounded by water and castle gardens. Discover what life used to be like at a castle and get to know the turbulent history of the castle.

#4 Amstelglorie Nature Park

With 440 gardens, this is one of the largest allotments in Amsterdam. Enjoy a delicious picnic and stroll along the playground, medicinal herb garden, beehive and the adventurous stump forest. This natural garden park is freely accessible from sunrise to sunset.

#5 Ouderkerkerplas

Relax at the Ouderkerkerplas. This recreation and nature area was created by sand extraction. A nature reserve has arisen along the bank. This place has a beach, day camping, nature zone, equestrian route and various walking and cycling paths. From the water spot bank you can even dive into the clear water of the lake when the weather is nice.