Wellness de Tropen

Please note: Our wellness is open from end November!

In Wellness de Tropen you stay in natural atmospheres that are attuned to the habitat of our icon "the toucan". The wellness is spacious and has a total area of more than 210 square meters and ceilings up to five meters high.

The wellness center includes a sauna, steam bath, infrared sauna and a Rhassoul.

The Rhassoul, also called Rasul, is a thousands of years old Eastern ritual. This ritual uses essential oils and mud. The mud contains many minerals and has both a cleansing and peeling effect. When rubbing the mud, the skin is stripped of dirt and dead skin cells. Moreover, it stimulates the blood circulation of the skin.

On the hotel's roof terrace you will find the outdoor swimming pool with lovely seating areas on the edge where you can relax carefree.

You can play sports in the neighboring gym "Gym Adam". You can enjoy a yogasession on Saturday- and Sundaymorning at 9 PM.