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About Felyx

Felyx offers shared electric scooters from €0,25 per minute. Find a Felyx scooter near you via the app and scan the QR code on the handlebar. Travel around Amsterdam quickly and easily with this scooter. Then park your scooter within the service area and finish the ride in your app!

Download the app via the website

About Check

Find a Check share scooter or car nearby via the app. Walk towards the Check and start your ride in the app! End of ride? Park your Check in the drop-off zone. You have a starting rate of €0.75 and pay €0.25 per minute. In Amsterdam, you can use Check 24/7.

Download the app via the website

About ShareNow

Create your car share account and reserve a car in your city. Then unlock the car with your smartphone, you can rent the cars for any duration from 1 minute to 30 days. Drive anywhere you want, as long as you return the car to a dedicated service area in each city. All this from €0.19 per minute!

Download the app via the website