Kids trips in Amsterdam


Kids trips in Amsterdam

Free museum visits in Amsterdam
Children under the age of 12 can visit all museums affiliated with the Nederlandse Museumvereniging free of charge. In our city, these include the Anne Frank House, the Tropenmuseum, Artis Geological Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Theater Instituut Nederland.

A day trip to the oldest zoo in the Netherlands
In Artis you can watch not only impressive lions and swaying monkeys, but also two huge dinosaurs. With more than 1400 species, there is no place like this in Amsterdam!

Madame Tussauds on Dam Square
Have you always wanted to take a picture with Ronaldinho, Brad Pitt and the girls from K3? Then Madame Tussauds is exactly what you're looking for. Also very nice for mommy, because next to Robbie Williams there is a spot available in the large king-size bed. 

Become a professor at the NEMO science museum
Near Amsterdam Central Station you can discover everything that has to do with science. Take part in electricity tests, build your own bridges, stop the floods and watch a spectacular chain reaction. 

TunFun, the funniest play tunnel in the Netherlands
In the heart of Amsterdam lies a secret play paradise: TunFun. In a tunnel under the city you can climb and clamber. There is also a spectacular slide and you can go crazy in the children's disco.

Take a look behind the scenes at The Music Theatre
What could be more fun than going to a music or theatre performance? Not much! Do you always wonder how it is possible for people to change clothes so quickly, or how they can change the scenery from day to night if you don't pay attention for a second? If so, you have to visit The Amsterdam Music Theatre for any questions you might have, because during a guided tour they will explain everything to you.

Children's museum in the Jewish Historical Museum
There is also a children's museum in the Jewish Historical Museum. Here children and adults can visit a Jewish family and learn more about their culture. They can learn to bake woven bread, challes, write Hebrew and play musical instruments. 

The Rijksmuseum
The Rijksmuseum is also known as 'the Treasure House of the Netherlands'. It exhibits all kinds of historical masterpieces, from Rembrandt to Vermeer. There are also two doll's houses that reflect the life of the Golden Age, from furniture to traditional costumes. What's also nice to know is that young people up to the age of 18 can always enter for free.  

With the Museum tram line to a pancake restaurant
Have you always wanted to travel on a very old tram? That's possible! Take a seat on the old benches and listen to the ringing of the bells at the stops. You can take the electric museum tram from Amsterdam to Amstelveen and back. You can even get off at the Amsterdamse Bos for a walk in the woods. And at the end of the Bosbaan you can eat delicious pancakes at Meerzicht Farm. 

Day trip to the Amstelpark
In the Amstelpark you can have the most fun! You can go to the playground, play mini-golf, go to the petting zoo and drive around in the children's train. There are little boats, mini cars, a swing ride and also a labyrinth. All attractions in the park are completely free. The Amstelpark is located at 3 kilometers from the hotel, so rent a bike or go by foot, because it's closer than you think!

Adventure park Fun Forest
In the Amsterdamse Bos you can go on an adventure at Klimpark Fun Forest. There are different courses and you can climb from tree to tree and from branch to branch.

Cycle tour through the canals
Are you in a sporty mood? Then take a pedal boat and paddle through the canals of Amsterdam. Discover Amsterdam from the water and who knows what you'll see there. 

Real Amsterdam football heroes
In the entrance of the Amsterdam Arena you will find the one and only official Ajax Museum. Here you will find dozens of photos and TV fragments of important matches and historical goals. You can even watch players' personal belongings. 

An afternoon of playing star chef
Do you like to cook for yourself and your guests? At the Kinderkookkafé on the edge of the Vondelpark you can make and serve your own snacks. You actually work a day in your own restaurant, where you can cook, serve and work behind the bar. 

Goat adventures
At the Ridammerhoeve in the Amsterdamse Bos you can cuddle with goats. More than 150 goats and lambs live at this goat farm and with a lot of luck you might be able to help with milking goats. Besides goats there are also chickens, chicks, calves and even pot-bellied pigs!