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Artis Zoo


Artis Zoo

Artis Zoo is located in Plantagebuurt and is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. The zoo was opened in 1838 and has 27 monumental buildings. In the first years Artis was only accessible to members who financed the garden. The zoo started as a garden with an orangery and pond. The first animals in Artis were deer, parrots, monkeys, and a 'Surinamese forest cat'. Since then Artis has expanded the number of animals with a.o. climbing bucks, various primates, animals from the African Savannah, Lemurenland, a butterfly pavilion, and aquarium.

Artis: Micropia

Micropia, the world's first microzoo, was opened in 2014. The public in Micropia can become acquainted with microscopically small organisms, such as viruses, fungi, algae and bacteria.