Amber cars

About Amber
Amber is an innovative start-up from Eindhoven that offers on-demand mobility via fully electric BMW i3s. Cars are used more efficiently, so less parking space and cars are needed. In this way Amber helps to improve the quality of life in cities.

Are you a hotel guest at Van der Valk Amsterdam-Amstel? Then you can use the electric cars in our parking garage. For this you need to be in possession of a valid driver's license. You can register via the link below and you need to download the Amber app.

Drive Amber

Booking a car
You can easily book your car via the Amber app. You indicate when you want to go somewhere and make your reservation. Amber makes sure the car is ready when you need it. 15 minutes before your reservation, you will receive a notification with the license plate of the car. You can find Amber's cars in our parking garage at -1. The cars can be left at all public Amber hubs in the Netherlands, an overview can be found in the Amber app.

At Amber you always pay a fair price and only for your use, no fixed costs or subscriptions. Curious about the rates? Check them via the button above!