What to do in Amsterdam during the cold months

Fall has entered Amsterdam, which means it is getting colder and colder. Since the Netherlands isn’t known for its warm and sunny weather during fall and winter, we had to come up with things to do during the colder months of the year. We know, Amsterdam is so much fun with warm weather. But, it has so many great things to offer during the colder seasons… We have combined all of our tips for you, read them here!




With more than 100 museums and galleries, Amsterdam offers a lot of cultural indoor entertainment to keep you warm and most importantly… dry! For example, you can visit the well know museums of Amsterdam as the Van Gogh Museum, or you can visit the less well-know, special museums of Amsterdam as the Electric Ladyland museum.


Are you looking for a more fun museum? The Upside Down will offer you lots of fun and great photos to post on Instagram! On this site you can see which exhibitions and expositions are currently in Amsterdam.




Do you love food? Great! You can indulge yourself every day of the week in the Foodhallen. This is the first indoor food market in the Netherlands and it’s Amsterdam’s version of popular markets such as the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid and the Borough Market in London. While the rain taps on the roof of this former tram depot, you can walk past the many food stalls that offer you lots of food to choose from.




What is better than playing games during a rainy day? From arcade games to air hockey and an old-fashioned game of Jenga, TonTonClub offers it all! It is even possible to eat and drink in-between playing games. This is the perfect way to spend your day during the rainy seasons of Amsterdam, because it is all indoors.


Restaurant Amstelle & Bar Moqum


But of course, the best way to spend the rainy days in Amsterdam is with some of the best food and drinks in town. In our Restaurant Amstelle, you can enjoy a delicious lunch, sumptuous dinner and wonderful evening dining with the finest wines. In bar Moqum you are at the right place for Amsterdam cosiness combined with contemporary allure! Will you be ordering a hot chocolate or a cocktail to keep yourself warm during the rainy days?