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The Golden Bent


The Golden Bent

The Golden Bent houses the most prestigious part of the Herengracht in Amsterdam, between the Vijzelstraat and the Leidsestraat. The richest people of Amsterdam lived on either side of the bend near Nieuwe Spiegelstraat.

The Golden Bent: Buildings

There are a number of special properties in the Golden Bent. This is how the 'House de Neufville' is also called the 'most beautiful House on the Bent'. The plots were standard 7.40 metres wide, but the wealthy Amsterdammers usually bought two plots next to each other. For example, houses could be built that were about 15 metres wide. The plots continued from the Herengracht all the way to the Reguliersdwarsstraat, which lies behind it. This meant that there was enough space not only to build large gardens, but also to build coach houses that could be reached from behind.  Later, many of these plots were split up.