Sipping cocktails at Bar Moqum

Sipping cocktails at Bar Moqum

Bar Moqum had only been open for five months till the doors had to close again due to COVID-19. The hotel bar of Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam – Amstel was closed for 8 months and Ricky, Jaimy and Hamid could no longer work as bartenders anymore. How did they experience this lockdown and what do they like about working in Bar Moqum? You can read it in this blog. They also share the recipe of one of their favourite cocktails!

#teamtoucan: Who are Ricky, Jaimy and Hamid?

Ricky (29), Jaimy (22) and Hamid (27) have been working as bartenders at Bar Moqum since 2019. All three had some experience with shaking cocktails before joining Bar Moqum. Ricky, for example, followed a bartending course at the European Bartender School and Jaimy learned to shake cocktails during her study Hotel Management.

How did you experience the lockdown?

“I have been thinking a lot during the lockdown,” says Ricky. “I asked myself questions such as whether I still wanted to work in the hospitality and whether I was ready for a new challenge. Therefore, during the lockdown I started my own business and now combine this with my job as bartender.” Jaimy especially missed her colleagues and the atmosphere of Bar Moqum. “With us, both hotel guests and non-hotel guests can rest and relax or experience a pleasant evening with friends. Exceeding the expectations of our guests, that is what I missed the most.”

How would you describe Bar Moqum?

Hamid: “As the name suggests, the bar is an ode to the international city of Amsterdam with its cosy atmosphere: not only in terms of the interior (chic blue with gold tones), but also the cocktails are based on this city atmosphere.” Ricky says that he is proud to work in this Amsterdam hotel bar: “Bar Moqum has a timeless look, this is so cool to me.”

#toucandoit: What do you like the most about working at Bar Moqum?

Jaimy: “Serving our guests! Seeing guests enjoying a cocktail we prepared and having a chat with them at the bar, that is what I like the most about my job as bartender.” Hamid also enjoys getting in contact with the guests: “I love to get into a conversation with our guests and listen to their stories.” Ricky complements Jaimy and Hamid in this: “Welcoming our guests with open arms and giving them a short bartender show. This way we ensure that a visit to Bar Moqum is an experience for our guests.”

What is your favourite cocktail form the cocktail menu?

“The Dutch Bramble! Not only does not only look beautiful, we also think it is super tasty. This is due to its fruity and strong taste and the cocktail is easy to make.” Find the cocktailmenu of Bar Moqum here. 

Curious about the Dutch Bramble, the favourite cocktail of Ricky, Jaimy and Hamid? Please read on!


  • 60 ml Bols Barrel Aged Genever
  • 30 ml lemon juice
  • 25 ml sugar syrup
  • Egg white of 1 egg
  • 3 blackberries
  • Ice cubes

You need:

  • Shaker
  • Masher
  • Strainer

Finely crush the blackberries in the shaker and pour in all other ingredients. Pour the egg white into the other part of the shaker. Then it is time to shake for 7 seconds. After shaking, add plenty of ice cubes, so that the cocktail is cold. Then shake for 10 seconds with the ice added. Why do you have to shake so hard? For that layer of cream, of course. Pour the cocktail through the strainer, so that the ice remains in the shaker.

Curious if your homemade Dutch Bramble tastes as good as the one at Bar Moqum, or feeling lazy and you do not feel like making the cocktail yourself? Come visit Bar Moqum and let Ricky, Jaimy or Hamid surprise you. Cheers!